Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Finds

cabinet photographs, Vintage Southern Picks blog
My Friday Finds post is more about finding Florence than treasures found.

Though Florence is a true treasure.

She started commenting on my posts quite awhile back.

I tracked her down on Google, but had no idea of her blog, Etsy shop, FB page, and Pinterest boards. 

I found out when she asked to use a link to my spooky ancestor milk bottles (READ HERE) on an Etsy listing featuring old cabinet cards.

Of course once I saw the cabinet cards I had to purchase them.

Chucks and I spent about 45 minutes the day the photos arrived creating back stories for each person.

We decided the couple above had these photos taken for their engagement. We think they found each other in prison - he a petty thief and she the prison cook.  

And they lived happily ever after.

I especially love family portraits with children.

The three sisters grew up to be a local sensation as a singing trio.

And they lived happily ever after.

Formal portraits were taken to com- memorate special milestones in life.

The two women graduated from a teaching college, taught for three years, and quit to marry and raise their children.

And they lived happily ever after.

Love the unusual diamond shape of the young man's photo.

After being scanned, I will use a copy of him  to make merchandise tags.

More formal portraits of young men.

Chucks and I saw a bright future for the guy standing by the chair.

He became president of a major furniture company, married well, and had five children.

And lived happily ever after.

Notice all of the stories we created have a happy ending.

All because Chucks insists on it.

Snarky me thinks of the dark side sometimes.

I will be busy scanning these into the computer for future use.

Now back to the amazing Florence.

Her blog Vintage Southern Picks is a delightful mix of vintage finds, transformations, and life stories. I have been busy reading back through her posts.

You can find Vintage Southern Picks on Facebook HERE.

Her Pinterest boards can be found HERE.

Etsy shop - VintageSouthernPicks - Where Vintage Meets Modern is HERE.

Most of you probably already know her, but be sure to go over and visit when you have a chance.

Thanks, Florence for becoming a blog friend. 

See y'all!


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Sunday, September 18, 2016


fall decor, Rust-oleum Aqua, distressed painting, quick makeovers
What is it about blue and orange for fall?

When I am swimming each day, I look at an azure sky with the autumn leaves.

It makes me happy.

I gathered three victims for this quickies makeover this Sunday.

A pair of black iron arrows.

(Yes, I forgot to take a before pic before I painted the first coat - OOPS!)

A market basket.

HINT:  Rust-Oleum in Aqua.

A desk organizer.

For extra interest for the iron arrows, they were sprayed first with cinnamon paint.

Market basket?




Desk organizer?


Perfect with a prim pumpkin.

Of course, I distressed the arrows and desk organizer. 

Ready to point the way to FALLLLL!!!

Looks rusty to me.

Great way to display.

Look out for primitive pumpkins.

And one more pic for the road.

See y'all!


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Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Finds

Halloween decor, fall decor, decluttering
This week my Friday finds post is quite different as I did NOT shop this past week.

Yes, you heard right - no shopping.

Instead I pulled several bins of fall decor out of the deep, dark reaches of the attic spaces.

And drastically downsized Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash, holiday decoration section.

These three jack o' lanterns - the very last of a series of painted gourds, I plan to keep.

This small copper student art - reminded me of a Day of the Dead piece...

Sent to the booth. 


There were bags of gourds - both cleaned and in the natural state.

The clean ones - well, I confess to keeping a few for old times sake.

Over a twenty year span I painted hundreds of pumpkins, Santa's, snowmen, and elves.

No more!

I had collected dozens of market baskets in graduated sizes.

Kept one set and sent the rest to the booth.

 My giant fake acorns - a deal several years ago from Hobby Lobby - I decided to hang onto for a while.

It's hard to beat twenty-five cent nuts.

Of the numerous fall arrange- ments, I kept two and donated the rest to the thrift shop or sent to the booth.

Thrown in the donation pile - two large trash bags of fall leaf garland.

We are talking at least a hundred yards of the stuff!

I might keep these gourds.

Old habits die hard.

This once was a favorite of mine, but has lived in the attic the last three years.

I need to find a new home for this vintage box of COOKY Cutters.

The inside of the box is just as amusing as the front.

It can be found in Booth W-10.


Hunting will be limited this weekend because of a family reunion.

Also I continue to clean out the Horror Monster attics.

No telling what I might discover.

See y'all!


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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Grain Bin

grain bin, distressed painting, grain sack stripes, makeover
There is only one way to paint a grain bin.

Like a grain sack, of course!

Grain bin bought at the auction a couple of weeks ago.



Great saw marks.

Took the easy road to distressing.

First a swipe of a loaded brush.

Then follow with a swipe of a dry brush.

No sanding necessary.

This is a no-name OOPS paint.

Taped off for the stripes.

First two stripes.

Pounced blue with my trusty stencil brush.

While the paint is still slightly wet, I drag the brush through for a fabric look.

I retaped between the stripes for a thinner companion in the middle.

At this point I was on the fence about lettering or not.

I decided the bin needed a name.

Yes, I often stencil letters upside down.

I can never leave stenciled letters alone.

I fill in the blank spaces and highlight with a shadow. 

So the bin's name is GRAIN.

It can be found in Booth C-23. 

Riverfront Antique Mall.

It is filled with lacy stuff right now.

However I am planning to make something special for it.

See y'all!


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Sunday, September 11, 2016


quick makeover, painting crates, Krylon spray paint
New displays for my booth means getting crates ready.

I only beautified four of them so this project counts as a almost-quickie.

It took me about ninety minutes to complete.

Remember these vegetable crates from my Friday Finds post? 

A dealer sells these for $3.75 each.

They hold up to 30 pounds.

These crates were used to ship radishes from Mexico.

There is a YUCK factor in removing the remains of the vegetables. 

A good grill brush and a hand sander does the trick.

Cleaned and ready for the paint.

Usually I brush them with white paint for extra coverage.

However this time I wanted more of a barn wood look.

Had two almost full spray cans of Krylon Creekstone.

It took all of them plus some of a can of Fossil to cover.

 Raw wood sure soaks up paint!

For display only. 

I have BIG plans to restructure the back section of my large booth.

I hope I can finish what I have started.


See y'all!


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